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Blue Plant Leaf

@nestingspirits (Sylva hůlová, *1989)

is a multi-disciplinary artist with over a decade of experience in creative fields. Her work spans illustration, animation, videoart and alternative photography. As the founder of the RECesse Gallery in Prague, she is committed to supporting a community of creatives who share her vision of art as a transformative force.

With a focus on dreamscapes of introspection, @nestingspirits invites viewers to explore their innermost thoughts through her art. Her work uses alternative photo processes to create hauntingly beautiful images that challenge and inspire her audience, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and turn unbreakable chains of trauma into meaningful connections.

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Silent Witnesses (2023), scannography

They have witnessed the ultimate closeness of two people, their insecurities, fears, and pleasures. Through the art of scannography, we were able to create a sense of voyeurism, allowing the viewer to peek into the intimate moments captured by the objects. Shaky visuals allow us to engage with the images on a more emotional and subconscious level. Was it merely a pleasing performance dictated by pornography?

A3+ 32,9x48,3 cm 5.200CZK

A4 3.200 CZK

(limited edition of max. 3 prints/piece)



lumen (2023), sun prints

a realm of floral X-rays, an illuminating reflection on a world reshaped by unexpected times. Spanning from 8/2020 to 8/2021, The series whispers of a journey, drawing closer to nature, tenderness, and fragility when faced with uncertainty. Through echoes and mirrored patterns, the artwork hints at a world in pause, while inviting an exploration beyond the digital screens that once kept us connected. Yet, even amidst this pause, the images pose a quiet question: between safety and freedom, which step do we take next?

A3+ 32,9x48,3 cm 6.800 CZK

A4 4.000 CZK

(limited edition of max. 3 prints/piece)

orders: nestingspirits@gmail.com

poetic landscapes / poetické krajiny

“The Receipt” from intimní rytmy: disonance (exhibiton 2023)

@nestingspirits is the creative force behind the ambient art gallery RECesse, nestled in the basement of a historic Art Nouveau house in Prague.

Not only does she curate the space's distinctive

neon-lit aesthetic, but she also oversees some of its most captivating exhibitions.

We are continually on the hunt for site-specific introspective works and emerging artists.

Contact: imerzivnibar@gmail.com